The 7 Most Common Resume Mistakes

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Meet your coach

ICAway Founder

Kwan Segal, SPHR, EMBA

Coach Kwan has over 15 years of experience in human capital consulting. Originally from Thailand, Kwan moved to the U.S. and earned her Senior Professional HR certification. She serves the top Fortune 500 companies managing multiple human capital projects.

With her human capital expertise and multicultural awareness, Kwan has designed a customized training program that equips international students with the skills for their career search, encourages them to break through cultural barriers, and prepares them to enter the U.S. professional world.

100% of international students who took Coach Kwan’s intensive coaching program have successfully secured employment.

Mini Course: Seven Resume Pitfalls

Evaluate your resume with Coach Kwan

Student Testimonials

Silvia Tran - Mechanical Design Engineer, Honeywell Intelligrated

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University

“Kwan taught me to rewrite my resume from scratch. I learned how to include keywords and highlight my skills in my public profiles. After that, I received so many responses from recruiters. I think the response rate increased by at least 80%, and I would get calls from agencies and companies asking if I was interested in certain positions every day.”

Jerome Thomas - Supply Chain Intern, Schlumberger

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

“I have learned that there is a lot more to networking than just going to meetings—there are opportunities everywhere. I love the fact that Kwan gives us real-life examples and gives us solutions that are actually helpful. She goes deep into the problem and makes everything relatable since it is tailored to international students.”

Yvette Hu - Business Analyst, MUFG

M.S. in Management Systems, New York University

“I was very lucky to have met Kwan when I was in my graduate school. Kwan has used her HR professional skills and knowledge to help me tie my stories to Knowledge, Skills and Abilities that the employers are looking for. I got a job offer as a business analyst at global bank in NY a month before I graduated.”

Shubham Barnwal - Supply Chain Engineer, Schlumberger

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

I was amazed to know new things about how to market myself and how to improve my profile for job search in the U.S. Kwan's coaching techniques really helped. I learned how to ask questions and get to know the needs of the potential employers & then showcase our skills as to how I can help them.

Crystal Pan - Project Coordinator, Cornerstone Education

M.S. in Human Resources, DePaul University

“After Kwan helped me discover my selling points, and I learned about writing a strong resume, I have received more than 80% responses from the jobs that I applied for. I’m very impressed with her insights and coaching techniques that she used to help me during my career search in the U.S.”

Manoj Patankar - Electrical Controls Engineer, Alexander & Associates co.

M.S. in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

"The simulation that Kwan has for us makes me realize the way to anticipate what the potential employers are looking for and make myself become a unique candidate and secure the job offer. Her training methodologies are very personalized to international students."

Pat Duangurai – Business Analyst, Anju Software

MBA, University of Cincinnati

"Kwan's coaching program helped me become focused, and progressed toward the direction I always want to go. I successfully landed a job of my dreams.”

Lucy Liang - Research Analyst, SMM Information & Technology

M.S. in Finance, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

"With Kwan's guidance, I found that networking with people was not so scary. I've felt much more confident and haven’t taken rejections as discouragements. I feel good about myself because I've been out there and tried doing something brave that I wouldn't have imagined, all because I know Kwan has my back."

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