Topics Include

  • Case Studies

    Review some of the international students’ job search challenges at career fairs

  • Pro Tips for International Students

    Learn how to seize the moment and stand out for future one-on-one interview opportunities

  • Mindset Change

    Unlock endless possibilities by developing the right mindset


  • 1


    • 🏆 Introducing the ICAway Talent Platform

    • Intellectual Property Notice

    • 💡How to optimize your learning experience from this free mini-course

    • Get to know our guest mentor, Uyen Tran

  • 2

    Case Studies

    • Case one: finding a sponsor

    • Case two: finding a mentor

  • 3

    Networking Strategies

    • Building Meaningful Connections

  • 4

    Before a Career Fair

    • Research Tips

  • 5

    During a Career Fair

    • Start a Conversation

    • End a Conversation

    • Questions to Ask/Not to Ask

  • 6

    After a Career Fair

    • 🎥 Follow-Up Tips (<10 mins)

  • 7

    You're Almost Done!

    • Career Fair: Final Quiz

    • 📝Mini-Course 02: Before you go

Meet Your Coach

ICAway Founder

Kwan Segal, SPHR, EMBA

Coach Kwan has over 15 years of experience in human capital consulting. Originally from Thailand, Kwan moved to the U.S. and earned her Senior Professional HR certification. She serves the top Fortune 500 companies managing multiple human capital projects.

With her human capital expertise and multicultural awareness, Kwan has designed a customized training program that equips international students with the skills for their career search, encourages them to break through cultural barriers, and prepares them to enter the U.S. professional world.

100% of international students who took Coach Kwan’s intensive coaching program have successfully secured employment.

Guest Mentor

Uyen Tran

Uyen Tran is the first international student hired by this American company to join one of its finance teams. She is now doing the work she loves at a leading global company in the aerospace and defense industry. Find out how Uyen started out as a freshman making her way through a career fair all the way to maintaining relationships with key people that led to valuable opportunities. Thank you, Uyen, for sharing your experience and inspiring stories with the International Student community! Uyen received a Bachelor’s Degree of Finance (Cum Laude), Iowa State University, and currently is an MBA candidate at Mount Mercy University.

Optimize your opportunities at career fairs

Coach Kwan sat down with Uyen Tran to walk through some strategies that international students can follow to optimize their opportunities at career fairs. Uyen Tran, an international student from Vietnam, was able to cut through 300 applications, become one of a very few candidates who landed job interviews, and finally secure a job offer from a leading global company in the aerospace and defense industry. Everything started at a career fair. She is the first international student hired by this company to join one of its finance teams.