What's included in the toolbox?

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    Welcome to your resource library!

    • Intellectual Property Notice

    • How to access your resources

    • Do you need a 1:1 session to create your networking game plan?

  • 2

    Pre-Test: Networking Toolbox

    • Networking Skills Assessment I

  • 3

    American Networking Etiquette (Module 1)

    • American Cultural Etiquette

    • 6 Steps for Successful Networking Phone Call

    • A Networking Email that People Want to Respond

    • A Sample Networking Email to Someone You've Never Met

    • When is the best time to send the networking email?

  • 4

    Writing and Speaking Templates (Module 2)

    • 11 Conversation Starters

    • People Plan at a Conference

    • Career Fair Tips: Ask the Right Questions

    • Career Fair Tips: Questions You Should Never Ask

    • LinkedIn Summary Samples

    • Add a Note on LinkedIn Connection Request

    • LinkedIn Invite Samples

    • InMail Professionals

    • Follow-up emails (1:1 meeting request)

    • Best timing for a follow-up email when you don't hear back (M2 Ch3)

    • Asking for Informational Interviews (M6)

    • Sample Open-Ended Questions

    • 5 Steps to a successful informational interview

    • Asking for Referrals Sample Messages

    • A simple thank-you note

    • Write an email to connect people (M2 Ch1)

    • A follow-up email when you don't hear back

    • Meeting Request Messages & Follow-up

    • Follow-up email after 1:1 phone meetings

  • 5

    Networking Game Plan (Module 3)

    • A Networking Blueprint for International Students

    • Networking Game Plan and Evaluation Tool

  • 6

    Post-Test: Networking Toolbox

    • Networking Skills Assessment II

  • 7

    Final Survey

    • Survey: Networking Toolbox

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