Topics Include

  • Defining target groups and networking goals

    Students will learn how to start a conversation with someone new and strengthen the relationship both in-person and online.

  • Evaluating your networking plan

    Students will learn how to evaluate their overall networking plan and the quality of each connection, so they can focus on maintaining the ones that matter most.

  • Identifying the networking style that fits you

    Students will learn how to emphasize their personality strengths and find the networking environment or style that makes them feel most comfortable.


This is a part of the ICAway Talent Platform.

  • 2

    Ch 1: Create Your Game Plan

    • 🎥 Define Target Groups & Goals (8 mins)

    • 💡A Networking Blueprint for International Students

    • 📝 Scope of networking

    • 🎥 Networking Game Plan & Evaluation Tools (14 mins)

    • 💡People Plan at a Conference

    • 🔑Tool: Networking Game Plan and Evaluation

    • Do you need a 1:1 session to create your networking game plan?

    • 📝Building meaningful connections

  • 3

    Ch 2: Start Connecting

    • 🎥 How To Deal With Rejections (4 mins)

    • 📝 Expectations on Networking

    • 🎥 Tailor Your Networking Approach To Match Your Personality (6 mins)

    • 📝Personality & Networking Approaches

    • 🎧Use your superpower as an introvert (3 mins)

  • 4

    Ch 3: Steps to Getting Referrals

    • 🎥 How To Get Referrals (<7 mins)

    • 📝 Ask for Referrals

    • 🔑Template: Asking for Referrals

    • 🎥 If I can do it, You can do it too (4 mins)

  • 5

    You're Almost Done!

    • Read Me 🙋‍♀️

    • 📝Module 3: Final Quiz

    • 📝M3 Before you go...

    • Ready to create your networking game plan? (1 min)

  • 6

    One-on-One: Networking Game Plan Coaching

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Create Your High Success Plan

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They were able to find the hidden job market where employers value their capabilities more than their visa status.