Tips and Techniques

To Reach Out to US Professionals Via LinkedIn

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    • 🙋‍♀️Read Me First

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    Ch1: Some Quick Checklists

    • 🎥 Make your profile likable (7 mins)

    • 📝 LinkedIn Profile Picture

    • 🔑 Template: Profile Summary

    • A Special Offer for You! LinkedIn Make Over

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    Ch2: Find US Professionals on LinkedIn

    • 🎥 Who to connect(4 mins)

    • 💡 Can't find a button to add a note?

    • 🎥 Where to Start I (4 mins)

    • 🎥 Where to Start II (3 mins)

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    Ch3: Find Recruiters on LinkedIn

    • 🎥 Increase Your Chances for Job Interviews (4 mins)

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    🛠Tools and Templates

    • ✍ 3 Scenarios of LinkedIn Connection Request During COVID-19

    • ✍ InMail Recruiters During COVID-19

    • ✍ InMail US Professionals During COVID-19

    • 💡 Best timing for a follow-up email when you don't hear back

    • 💡 Top 5 Post Ideas During COVID-19

    • 💡 Pro tips when sharing an article

    • 💡 Best time to InMail

    • 💡 Best time to post on LinkedIn

    • 💡 Add your personality on LinkedIn - Video Introduction

    • 🧰 Sample Tools for LinkedIn Post Creation During COVID-19

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    Schedule a 1:1 session with Coach Kwan🙋‍♀️

    • A Special Offer for You! LinkedIn Make Over

    • A special Offer for you! Assessment & Game Plan

LinkedIn Networking During COVID-19

Learn how to reach out to target professionals or recruiters during this time of crisis.

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Meet Your Coach

ICAway Founder

Kwan Segal, SPHR, EMBA

Coach Kwan has over 15 years of experience in human capital consulting. Originally from Thailand, Kwan moved to the U.S. and earned her Senior Professional HR certification. She serves the top Fortune 500 companies managing multiple human capital projects.

With her human capital expertise and multicultural awareness, Kwan has designed a customized training program that equips international students with the skills for their career search, encourages them to break through cultural barriers, and prepares them to enter the U.S. professional world.

100% of international students who took Coach Kwan’s intensive coaching program have successfully secured employment.

During the time I was searching for jobs by myself, I believe that It was more than 1,000 jobs that I applied for. None of them worked out. Even when I got lots of interviews and landed into the final rounds, I couldn’t seal the deal. It is Kwan who helped me turn it all around and break all the barriers! - Yuxi Sun